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chlorine & sunscreen resistant

harry & pop chlorine and sunscreen resistant 

our swimwear is made to last through regular exposure to chlorine and sunscreen.

thanks to our fabric's innovative construction and the presence of xtra life lycra®, it's more chlorine resistant than your average swimwear fabric.

xtra life lycra® resists fabric breakdown more than five times longer than your average chlorine-resistant spandex. fibre breakage can cause fabric breakdown very quickly. swimwear using xtra life lycra® has no significant breakage even after 240 hours of exposure.

along with the action of chlorine, sunscreen products cause a visible acceleration in fabric wear. unlike other chlorine-resistant fabrics, xtra life lycra® shows no sagging even when sunscreen has been applied to it and the garment is left in chlorinated water.

so let your little rays of sunshine play in the pool all day. reapply sunscreen. don't be precious now.

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